Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke


Strategic Alchemy is not magic.
It is an understanding of how things really are
and could be.

Simon P. Hedley

Simon Hedley | Strategic Alchemist

Simon Hedley | Strategic Alchemist

Simon has been the secret weapon of many well-known leaders and founders for over two decades from their days as boot strapped startups, through challenging pivots to award winning success stories.

Are you ready for him to help you tip the scales in your favour now?

Ships maybe safest in the harbour but that’s not what they were designed for.

What do You do?

I do Whatever It Takes.

Create | Consult | Coach | Counsel | Connect

I bring together amongst other things a deep appreciation of reality and business growth mechanics (with a professional background as Chartered Accountant (FCA ICAEW) that encompasses having been  an auditor at PwC in the Banking Capital Markets practice in London through Structuring & Investment Management at ABN Amro and RBS) with a grounded awareness, curiosity  and long standing inquiry into Ontology, Metaphysics and Transformational Technologies.

Together with my clients and partners:

  • Help explore the goals they want to create and experience .. for themselves, their ventures and the world.
  • Help create, discover and optimise the plans and systems to make their inspirations, dreams and ideas reality.
  • Help them to increase their certainty, skills, experiences, positioning, wisdom, resourcefulness and resources so they can step into leading their life more effectively through all that comes.
  • Help navigate the inner and outer challenges of life .. through technologies and approaches .. some well known and some that have remained secret for centuries.
  • Help connect them with ideas, people, projects and opportunities to get them complete.

I’ve worked with a wide spectrum of Founders, Leaders and Entrepeneurs including Authors and Authorities, Bankers and Builders, Creatives and Consultancies, Developers and Designers, Entertainers and Experts, Governments and Grants, Investors and Innovators, Specialists and Societies, Thought Leaders and Teachers, and many more..

I believe the rich background of our experiences and connections can provide practical insight.

Human beings must be known to be loved.
Divine beings must be loved to be known.

Strategic Alchemy

Are you ready to explore what’s possible?
Will you give yourself that gift?

The Three Little Words That Make The Difference

Pause Stop Reset

These three words – Pause Stop Reset – have made such a huge difference to me. I have written the book and crafted the journal to help myself, my clients and friends and the world. It’s one of my greatest intentions that this simple idea will be shared, understood and mastered by as many people as possible.

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Strategic Alchemy

Strategic Alchemy

Transforming The “Lead” Of Your Life & Experiences into Golden Opportunities, Gems of Genius, Real Rare Results and Wise Wealth.